Don’t Be Racist REGARDLESS The Color of Your Skin. Alternative Answers

Believe I Have The Answer!



No one should be racist regardless of the color of their skin. People hear the word racist, and most of the world thinks whites are biased toward blacks. That’s not so; the ugly road of racism is a two-way road. I’ve seen it; I’ve been a victim of it as well.

One might think being the victim of racial bias would make me mad. I did not feel anger. I felt hurt; I felt empathy toward Africa Americans and tried to understand why the person hated me just because of my skin color.


I told you, I believe I have the answer, and I do believe I do!

  • First, let’s stop assuming because of the color of ANYONE’s skin, we know what they are like, how they feel, or any other misconceptions we might have against that race. (Whatever the race)

  • Let’s all agree we will not hold grudges of the past.

  • Let’s all agree there is racism on both sides, and that’s a big part of the problem now.

  • Let’s all agree there is still racism in our world/there may always be, but we decide to fight it best we can

  • Let’s agree living In the United States makes us all Americans that should be proud/respect our country.

I saved the big one for the closing.


The most significant divides we have right now in America are Blacks and Police and the debate over the kneeling at the National Anthem. Do we agree?

How about this? We demand better training of officers while keeping in mind the situations they (do)  face daily, and yes, they do want to go home to their families every day. Policing is not easy; it’s one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth.

Now, concerning taking of the knee. Let’s all agree to visit an alternative action. First, as Americans, let’s respect our service people, our country, and the freedoms we enjoy by standing for the National Anthem.

Then on the loudspeaker.



Regardless of the color of skin, we are all Americans, and that makes us brothers and sisters; beyond any color, we are neutral. Maybe it can be our Nuteral Antham 🙂

God bless the people of the world!

Susan J. Boston

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