Returning Fire The Breonna Taylor Case

Questioning Look at The Breonna Taylor Case

Breonna Taylor Memorial

Louisville Kentucky


Protest and violence are erupting across the U.S following the sentencing of one officer in the Breonna Taylor case, recapping the lastest as of 9/24/2020. Two officers in Kentucky shot responding to shots fired call yesterday. These two officers, now being treated, are expected to live.

Taking a look back at March 12-13, 2020

Timeline of events

There are many questions, yes, and if there have been answers, I have not heard them. First, is there a bodycam video, and if so, have they released it to the public? Second, according to the timeline video, the first shot was from Mr. Glover, which hit its mark in the leg of John Mattingly, who then returns fire. Let me stop here for a moment.

The first set of questions

  1. If you are shot at and hit, then return fire, isn’t that called self-defense? (regardless if you are an officer or a citizen)
  2. Did the police announce themselves? When doing this kind of mission, is it required that they reveal who they are or not? (No-knock)
  3. Did Mr. Glover see the officer before he shot? (He was able to aim enough to shoot someone.)

What Were The Officers Doing?

What these officers were doing was what they had been “told.” It wasn’t like they were driving around with nothing better to do than harass someone. It was an operation they were sent to do by higher command. Yet, now it is higher command doing the firing, and officer or officers stand to do jail time for following orders.


The Aftermath

No bodycams were in use when this unfolded.

However, this video is of the aftermath of what followed.



The No-knock warrant is designed for executing a search without warning as to preserve evidence people might destroy before entry.


With that being said and understood, it does raise possibilities of injury to everyone involved. Honestly, I can’t say if there was someone banging on my door like that late at night I might not take a pot shot at them too, it would be scary. The top brass needs to rethink that no-knock policy.


Let’s face it in the middle of the night; if you hear the (Police Knock) loud enough to wake up, deaf people, there is no ignoring the sound. If you have never heard it,  you can’t imagen how loud and intrusive just a straight police knock can be. They want you to know they have arrived!


The knock undoubtedly caused shock, confusion, and fright to any occupants of the home. After all, that is the purpose of the pounding.


As you heard in the video, the officer-involved said they waited for the only occupant they expect to be in the house to get to the door. They had information Miss Taylor would be there alone.


Upon the breaching of the door, the involved officer said he saw the two people standing there then a shot rings out. Now the police are shocked.


Two people, not one like they thought, and one person shot at them! Unfortunately, striking officer Mattingly in the leg. Subsequentially, the more unfortunate action was Miss. Taylor suffering several shots and dying from the wounds.

The Bare Basic of What Happened

Investigation of drug dealing turned up several different people/residents suspected in the action of possible drug dealings—the decision to make an entry upon the places of interest ensued.  


The plan involved a no-knock-warrant. The officer, however, says they did knock, thinking it was just a woman there to give her time to come to the door.

Upon gaining entry into the apartment, the police realize there are two people, one of which shot at and struck one officer, upon which the officer return fire, the woman was hit and died.


The Conclusion


I kept emotion out, no bias of race or police. It’s just pure common sense thinking.

The first question would be, was the shooting murder? No, regardless of all those upset by my answer, you have to know if you shoot at someone, and they can shoot back, they are going to do it! (In my heart, I feel anyone in a situation like this would fire back in self-defense.) I know I would.


The other question I asked myself is, did Mr. Glover know the person he was shooting at was a police officer? It’s pretty obvious he did see the officer due to the fact, his aim hit the target. Therefore, there is a good chance he did know it was an officer.

Was the intelligence correct? They didn’t find any drug-related stuff to my understanding in the house. In the wake of nothing found, I would say there’s a chance the intel was not correct, or the person in question was smart enough to not keep anything there at the house.


I find unacceptable from what the second video tells is the lack of attention and care given to Miss Taylor after being shot. There seems to be a battalion of officers gathered. If there were no actions to tend to Miss Taylor, then there needs to be some serious training of providing help. (I’m only going by what the news video says).

My final thought on this is the fired officer. This man was fired by superiors that sent them out to the location. He not only got fired but could be facing prison time. Why? Because he fired only after being fired upon, that’s not murder; that’s self-defense.


Some will say, “She was in her own home.” Yes, indeed, she was in her own home.” The officer was a police officer sent out by his superiors to do the job they wanted him to do; he made entry, got shot, and shot back. Breonna Taylor should never have got shot, never died, and my heart breaks for her family, friends, and all that loved her.

This sad event was not a Police brutality case; this is not a Blue matter; this is not a Black matter. This situation is a matter of self-preservation. “When shot at, you shoot back.”


These politicians and Superiors want a scapegoat, they are the ones we might be looking at instead of those involved at the scene. They give an order sign off on it. Their man does his job, gets shot, returns fire in self-defense, and now look, someone, you sent to do a job was trying to do it and then gets in trouble.

I know there are bad people out there. I know there are bad cops, I know that the departments need to be retrained and all that but not everything that happens is one-sided. I can’t believe the boyfriend didn’t know when he fired that gun someone wasn’t going to return fire, be it the police or some criminal!

Stop blaming and start healing.

God Please Heal Our World,














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